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Technical SEO Services

From utilizing a comprehensive strategy to executing intensive keyword research, our team of SEO experts offers you tailor-made technical SEO services to give your business a sturdy digital foundation based on on-page optimization for best user experience.

Our team of technical SEO experts invests their time and effort to pave better ways of presenting your website to search engines. Considered as the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy, technical SEO taps all the underlying aspects of on-page optimization. While your business website should be visually appealing and informative to rank among the top websites, it should also be quick-loading, responsive, and better performing than your competitors to rank above.

We understand your business goals and that is why RankThePage starts by making the website technically sound and presentable to any performance index. Our technical team has successfully managed to improve site speed and performance of diverse business websites by discovering and working on detailed technical insights at very affordable prices.

Technical Site Audits

A thorough analysis of your website’s technical front

Our SEO strategies blend-in detailed technical insights and site performance to discover new opportunities and make your website technically sound and presentable to the search engines. We cover the following key metrics during our technical SEO audits.

  • Mobile performance
  • Crawl analysis
  • Duplicate content
  • Site architecture
  • Internal link structure
  • Page speed
  • XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • XML sitemap
  • Crawl errors
  • Indexation
  • Image optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Analytics
  • Redirects

Penalty Recovery

Recovery from Google Penalization

Google can penalize websites for several reasons including bad online reputation, copied or low-quality content, and more. Our experienced team of SEO experts has successfully managed to thoroughly diagnose and recover several penalized websites with advanced technical SEO strategies.

  • Recover lost traffic
  • Regain rankings
  • Preserve your reputation

Speed Optimization

Get rewarded for being the quickest

A 1-second delay in page response can reduce conversions by 7%- that’s a fact. 40% of people abandon the website page with a load-speed of more than 3 seconds- that’s another fact. Google or any search engine for that matter, prefer fast-loading websites especially after the introduction of AMP or accelerated mobile pages on smartphones.

Let’s run a speed test on your website and we will get back to you with a thorough report and list of solutions to achieve maximum performance

  • Website speed is a confirmed ranking factor
  • Improve Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Decrease bounce rates

Structured Data Markup

Let search engines understand your website better

Search engines collaborated to make or structured data vocabularies so that they can understand website content better in a structural form.

Our technical SEO team utilizes structured data markup code (JSON-LD) to generate enhanced search results for your website further resulting in increased visibility and an improved click-through rate.

  • SEO advantages
  • Help Google understand your site
  • SERP features

Competitor Analysis

Understand Your Competition

The technical team pulls out vital data insights from your competitors that rank on the first SERP. A host of premium and advanced SEO tools alongside our extensive experience working together to understand your competitor’s web presence.

Our experts analyze both local as well as national competitors while researching for a multitude of checkpoints, including:

  • Keywords
  • Technical Profile
  • SEO & PPC strategy
  • Rankings
  • Social media campaigns
  • Backlink profile

Image Optimization

Internet Likes Interacting Visually Rather Than Words

Pictures and videos are significant to attract traffic and the fact that 64% of a website’s weight is images explains why people don’t like daunting text walls on their websites.

However, with more than half of the website’s content relying on images, it gets important to optimize them for good user experience and ultimately impress Google.

Our SEO team will optimize images to deliver high-quality visuals in the right format, size, dimensions, and resolution while keeping them as much compact as possible to enhance user-experience and keep Google happy.

  • Reduce load speed
  • Promote visibility
  • Added SEO value
  • Web accessibility

Backlink Analysis

You may have some harmful backlinks hurting your online reputation

With a comprehensive backlink analysis, our SEO team discovers the origin and destination of the links to uncover link-building opportunities and start an effective off-page SEO strategy. Our backlink analysis covers the following key points.

  • Remove harmful links
  • Link-building opportunities
  • Off-page SEO strategy

Website Migration

Meticulously managed website migrations

Internet is an ever-evolving place and growth-oriented businesses often upgrade to new websites, secure browsing, new domain names, etc. While the end result is an updated, leading-edge website, the migration process can be complicated hindering your site’s performance and ultimately hurting your site\s traffic.

Our experienced technical SEO team has successfully migrated numerous websites over multiple platforms without hurting site performance. Our website migration services include:

  • SEO advantages
  • Search performance
  • Increased engagement
  • Grow domain authority
  • Grow mobile audience
  • Secure browsing (HTTPS)