Hale Road Medical Case Study

How we helped medical website to Increase sales

Before Our Work

Screenshot 7

After Our Work

Screenshot 2 1
What we did

We took over the site in Jan 2023. Here’s what was done as a part of our early measures:

Our Findings

  • img No lead Form
  • img Multiple Phone Numbers
  • img No Extensions
  • img Only targeted audience with Search and Expanded Search ads.
  • img Irrelevant Search terms
  • img One Ad Copy

Action Taken

  • img Created Lead form
  • img Created Call Only Campaigns.
  • img Set up Call extension
  • img Set up Conversion Tracking
  • img Created dynamic heading and description for ads.
  • img Optimized Bidding Strategy
  • img Impressions 88665
  • img Clicks 11317
  • img Calls 1435
  • img Conversions 1863
  • img Conversion Rate 16.46%