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Google Word Coach: A fun Way to Improve Your Vocabulary

Google is always full of tricks with its search results and people don’t even find most of them. However, this time we have found the latest entry, called “Word Coach”, to these little games that might tempt you too.

The enticing game was added to Google’s mobile search exclusively a few days ago. It pops up whenever a dictionary or translate box is open, or when you manually look for “Google Word Coach” from your mobile device’s Chrome or the Google app.

The fun-game takes a ride through your vocabulary through a live test that pitches 5 questions related to the word you searched on Google. In case of direct access, it uses the history of words you Googled. Moving up to the next level needs you to complete every set of 5 questions.

While it’s a nice way to improve your vocab while playing the game, there are some flaws in it too. For instance, it is yet to roll out on all devices. There are still iOS and Android devices that cannot access any such game. Moreover, the game doesn’t save your score as you have to start from zero every time you open it. One of the biggest drawbacks we believe is that it is a mobile-only game. You can access it if you use any mobile view extension on desktop or laptop's Chrome.

This game can be more fun and engaging if the search engine giant considers releasing it to a broader audience.

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