Project Name – Online Reputation Management of Brand Name

Under this project, we had to focus on building of online reputation for the clients. We focused on removing all the negative links related to the project to make the project flourishing. Online reputation management is basically the process of measuring, tracking, creating, all the constructive conversations about the brand, corporate personal identity on the website and internet. ORM basically includes –

  • Monitoring the online conversations about the brand as well as the corporate personal identity
  • Understanding what is being said and discussed about it and critically analyzing the reasons behind all the discussions
  • Devising a methodological strategy and interacting with the customers to mitigate the damage to your brand that could potentially arise as a result of the negative feedback about the organization, products or the business methods followed
  • Ensuring that there is no further negative responses that might occur by maintaining a strong positive online presence

We include the following in the search engine management strategies –

  • Proven ORM Tools and strategies
  • Online reputation marketing
  • Survey and Analysis of negative and positive mentions
  • Strategic SEO campaign planning and implementation
  • Optimized local listing
  • Business profile creation
  • Citation creation and review
  • Increased social media exposure

1. Clients Requirement – Remove all negative links from first page of search engine. Initially, Client has seven negative links & we have to remove all negative links from Google search. Here is list of negative links:

The 1st   negative link was (www.oreilly.com) has PA – 91, DA-96. O’reilly media is an internationally recognized and multi faceted organization that have played a role in the evolution and adoption of the internet revolution from the world wide web to open source software, maker movement, big data and so on. It is an active participant in the technology community and the organization has educated the generation of technologists and the entrepreneurs. The organization basically provides technology, business training and knowledge insight to the companies who succeed in the huge economic technological shifts that confront the business today. With the unique network of experts and innovators that share their knowledge and expertise the company’s comprehensive training and information platform is something to look forward to.

  • 2nd, 3rd position links (https://www.ftc.gov ) are on government site that site has PA – 83, DA – 96. This website was basically working for the protection of the consumers and focused on preventing the anticompetitive, deceptive and unfair business practices by enhancing the informed consumer choices and the public understanding of the competitive process and by accomplishing this without unduly burdening the legitimate business activities. The vision of the website was to make a vibrant organization by characterizing the vigorous competition and consumer access for the accurate information. The strategic goals of this website were to protect the consumers and to maintain the competition for the advanced organizational performance.
  • 4th negative links on (group.google.com) site which have PA-91, DA-100. The group google is a website that helps in all the discussions in one place. The folders are organized with favorites, folders, which can be chosen with the help of the e-mails and find out about the unread posts easily and efficiently. It has one more feature such as the features of expressing yourself with the usage of rich text editing to customize the posts with the help of the fonts, colors and images in the most appropriate manner. There are people power discussions, photos, nicknames, automatic translations to share the thoughts with the world in the most appropriate manner.
  • 5th negative link on Forum site (https://www.techrepublic.com/) which has PA – 63, DA- 88. Tech-republic helps in the decision making process of the identifying the technologies and the strategies to empower the workers and streamline the business processes. The site helps in delivering a unique blend of the original content by the IT professionals, peer to peer advices from the largest communities. The website focused on blogs, community forums, vendor white papers, software download and the webcasts research.
  • 7th negative link on spam site (techdirt.com) which has PA – 73, DA-95. The tech-dirt was started in the year 1997 by Floor 64 by Mike Masnick and then growing into a group of blogging efforts. It uses a proven economic effort and framework to analyze and offer the insight into the new stories about the changes in the government policies, technology and legal issues that affect the company’s ability to innovate and grow in the most appropriate manner. The dynamic viewers often comment on the interactive community and the addictive quality of the content on the website with a feeling that is supported by the average number of visitors per month. The website also made use of the affiliate programs online when they tried linking it to the books and other purchasable items online on the website.

Please check below screen shots of all 7 negative links before doing work:

2. Strategy– As far as the strategy is concerned; we worked on the already existing positive links and also created our own positive profiles. We mainly focus on various subjects like content marketing, link building and SMO.

Content Marketing – Reputation building is one of the greatest qualities of content marketing as the good quality content can really help in building a reputation for a certain project as we observed in this one. In the present business market, it is very difficult to build leads and generate content and in this scenario content marketing came to our rescue. According to us, it is helpful in building trust and leads with the customers. A positive brand reputation can be built with the help of this process. It happens so, because when the consumers read your content they start building an opinion for your brand and furthermore if the content is engaging and valuable and educational, then they will start to think the same things about your business. It has been observed that more the value you provide with your content, it will be easier for you to build the trust with the target audience. Furthermore, when the leads and the customers start to see that you are consistently publishing the content across various social media platforms, they may start seeing you as the leader of the industry.

Link Building – Link building is important for both the enterprise reputation

Management and reputation management for individuals along with the back linking that is the core handling for controlling your brands for the online reputation management. The search engines search for the back links for the vote of confidence for a particular website or the webpage.  The more relevant the quality back links, the more will be the value of the website which will ultimately result in the higher ranks of the website in the search engines. There are various types of rankings that have to be kept in mind before beginning with the process of link building.

SMO – Social media optimization refers to the use of number of outlets and communities that is used to generate the publicity to increase the awareness of the product, service brand or event. There are various types of social media that are involved such as RSS feeds, social news, bookmarking sites, as well as the social networking sites and the platforms such as face book, Twitter, video sharing websites, blogging and so on. SEO is similar to the search engine optimization, however the goal is to generate the web traffic and for the site it is to increase the awareness of the website. However, social media optimization refers to the optimizing of the website and its content to encourage and indulge more users to use and share links to the website across the social media platforms and networking sites. It also refers to the software tools that automate the process or to the website experts that undertake the process for the clients.

3. Achievement–We removed all the negative links from first page of search engine in 6 months. In this way, we tried our best to remove all the negative links from the page and build a better ORM for the client. However, there were many times when our strategies didn’t work and then we changed our strategies in order to accomplish our goals. With this we can conclude that there are many obstacles that we face on our paths but these difficulties are the ones that make us blooming with ideas and help us struggle for the best.

    Please check below screen shots of all Positive links after doing work:

Wrap – up
In the summation, we would like to say that we did not use any secret tricks or hacks to build a positive ORM. We only invested in the building of the quality content and implementing various link acquisition strategies to match the stages during the process that was going on. As the links became positive, so did our minds.

To recap, here is the process that we followed for the positive ORM-
• We focused on starting slow for the easy wins.
• The next step was to focus on the securing links that were important for the process.
• Then we built a passive link acquisition channel to build momentum.
• We were always intentional about the content creation and its impact on the search.
• We also focused on the level up of the over time and targeted on higher level value opportunities.

At the end, we would like to suggest that building a positive ORM is a repeatable and a scalable process and it can only be effective if we do not lose hope. Of course, you will always need to tweak and adjust the process to fit to the unique needs and situations. However, we hope that you take up the positive lessons from the case study and implement them for better results.